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can i write in romanji? Its too hard to understand if its not in either hiragana(katagana also) or romanji.Oh well
demo sa dekinai ja naku te double post shicha damedayo ja nai ke?

"Why am I always the only one who has to fight girls?"-Nara Shikamaru
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The way of the Ninja~

-Add chan and kun to your friend's names
-Decide to call your moral code the ninja way
-Claim to kill your best friend so you can get the Mangekyou Sharingan
-Call your mentor senin
-Make scrolls and symbols try to use a summoning justu

Elem. 4-6th-Genin
Jr. High 7th-10th-Chunnin
High 11-12th-Jounin
Doctor College-Kage

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