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I cried at school and I ran out the room and made a excuse saying I have to throw up BUT someone got a glance of my face and noticed I was crying and I went to the bathroom and washed my face to make sure no one seen me. I only started because everyone was going up to me and saying happy birthday but my mom forgot and told me she had better things to worry about so It hurt me for the whole school day. I felt sad because I felt like my mom didn't love me and I started to get really depressed. The principle even gave me a birthday card! but all my mom could tell me when my dad reminded my mom of my birthday was "I got better things to worry about" in a harsh tone............
It felt like everyone was rubbing it in when they told me happy birthday and patted my back smiling.

I think it is okay in a emotional situation but not like "HE DIDNT WANT TO BE PARTNERS WITH ME!!!!!!!!!!WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA H!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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