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Character Poll Results

Every year the readers of Naruto manga vote for their favorite character of the past year. This year, Sasuke wins.......probaly becauset he is the only pre time skip character that has not made a post time skip appearance. The complete results are below. Do you agree or disagree?.....How did your favorite character do?

1. Uchiha Sasuke
2. Hatake Kakashi
3. Deidara
4. Uzumaki Naruto
5. Umino Iruka
6. Sasori
7. Gaara
8. Hyuuga Neji
9. The Fourth Hokage
10. Nara Shikamaru
11. Uchiha Itachi
12. Haruno Sakura
13. Hyuuga Hinata
14. Yakushi Kabuto
15. Inuzuka Kiba
16. Temari
17. Yamanaka Ino
18. Rock Lee
19. Kankurou
20. Might Guy
21. Sarutobi Asuma
22. Tenten
23. Gekkou Hayate
24. Orochimaru
25. Gemma
26. Aburame Shino
27. Haku
28. Tayuya
29. Tsunade
30. Kimimaro (Supposedly)

Rember this poll is only answered by Nartuo manga readers of Japan. Another interesting note: every year Iruka is in the top five. Dude is mad popular in Japan. Also every year Orochimaru rises a bit. Last year I think Gemma and Haku where higher than him.

I for one am not pleased at all, Sasori >>>>>>>Deidara, Iruka and Kakashi. Not only that but Kankurou got no love either.

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