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Originally Posted by GAma_Oyabun
ok, its not in the manga so dont freak out. i watch the anime unlike some people and she used a genjustu on some filler bad guys
hm i dont really remember her using genjutsu, but she might have. thats not really the point though, the point is all ninjas are supposed to know ninjutsu, taijutsu and genjutsu but everone is just good at something spefic.
Tsunade will know all of them but her skill is not genjutsu...I think the 2 examples of genjutsu users in this anime are Itachi and Kurenai, and I think maybe orochimaru is also one.
Sakura's strenth is in her genjutsu, she easily spots it and counters it, so she probably will become a genjutsu specialist later

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