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Originally Posted by Dosu
ok, I try to be nice, and not complain, I uderstand that this forum belongs to someone other than myself and so I go along with the rules, and try not to create to much trouble, but in the past few mounths I've been less than extatic about some of the new rules, first there was the complete deleation of the spam zone, and now new rules for the fc's, I could understand if there seemes to be a problem of some sort, but I personally don't see one, I mean whats the point of limiting people to just 3 fc's, I mean I understood the reason for only letting people create 3, but why limit membership to only 3 fc's? I mean the whole point of a forum is to promote conversation right? well what if I feel stronly about more than 3 fc's? now you're saying I can't be a member of more than 3, and your going to delete fc's if they arn't claimed, what if the owner of a fc isn't around now, or simply hasn't seen the new rules, maybe I'm just making a lot out of nothing, but I feel I had to say my peice
nice one. I agree 100%. I belong too many FC's because i love many manga's and anime's, but too limit my self too three, i just cant do it.....

I decided to get a life so I quit all of this anime/magna stuff.
However, remember that I won almost all of the most hated awards in the first annual NL Awards.
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