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Originally Posted by Chibi Baka
i didnt really get the last bit >.< oh wells
i think that naruto, will kick the living daylights out of sasuke, then kills orochimaru, (so that sasuke wont be evil), but because naruto, caused sasuke to lose his chance to gain 100% supreme power from orochimaru, he kills naruto with his chidori whilst naruto aint looking...then sasuke gains his magenkyou sharingan, (since he killed naruto, his best friend) hunts for itachi, kills him, then gets a bit nutty in the brain, goes off to konoha, and kills all the habitats in the village, (kinda like following his brothers foot steps, but instead of killing the uchiha clan (which he cant) he takes on the whole village)


its stupid but its made up...
umm ok lol, i think there will be other way for sasuke to obtain the magenkyou sharingan, maybe instead of killing his best friend , he will save his best friend with his life, and somehow get it

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