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Originally Posted by sabakunoGaara
no he's saying that there is an akatuski messenger that is going to talk to Kabuto and tell him that Sasori is already dead...
but then @ idono - We dont even know if anyone else in Akatsuki knows that Sasori had a spy. Up till now Kabuto is supposed to be Sasoris, no one else mentioned him.

The only way I think Akatsuki would actually be there at the time is if as usual Zetsu is spying from under the ground again, or if for example Sasori DID tell someone that he had a spy and told them that he was going to meet him on the bridge and stuff, so since sasori died, then one of the others went to meet Kabuto instead but then they saw a sasori on the bridge and decided to observe the situation from far.
Yes, that would take two for three months, watching just one battle.
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