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Speak Japanese?

I've managed to gather a bunch of people to create a fansub group, however we are still short on staff.

The main thing we require are translators, do you speak Japanese and are willing to translate for us?

Our current projects are Sunabouzu and School Rumble. As most of you know, the groups that are subbing these are slacking off (Lunar and Wannabefansubs) so i've decided to take these up, they are popular animes and are not even being speed subbed.

If you don't know how to translate you can still can time/typeset/encode/edit

Timing: You listen to audio of the anime and time the subtitles accordingly (advanced)
Typesetting: Making Karaoke, selecting fonts (advanced)
Encoding: Encoding the subtitles with the raw to make the final subbed piece (advanced)
Editing: This job just requires good take the script from the translator and correct it for spelling, grammer, make sentences flow etc. You need to have strong english in order to do this.

I doubt I would find many people here, but I thought I would give it a shot.

Anyway if your interested and can do any of the things listed above then reply in this thread.


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