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Originally Posted by Uchiha1412Toshi
But remember that it takes alot of chakra to use Rasengan, and Naruto has ALOT of chakra and one of the reasons is because of the Kyuubi.

If Naruto didn't have Kyuubi, and Sasuke didn't have the cursed seal; Sasuke would kick Naruto's ass. Naruto probably couldn't even have learned Kage Bunshin without Kyuubi.
Naruto learned Kage Bunshin on his own. It was his first display of strength, preiod really, but notably without Kyuubi. Also, keep in mind being a genius means having great fighting potential. Natuo doesn't nessecarily need Kyuubi, for the fact that he himself can think outside of the box. Remember how he defeated Neji? By being unpredictable first, and using Kyuubi second. Sasuke would more than likely squander his own chakra and nerves by attempting to predict Naruto. This is because Naruto himself has a large amount of chakra, and as such, has enough to divert to diversionary tactics and attacks seperately without Kyuubi. Really, the only two battles where Kyuubi's chakra was tapped in a noticably large amount and required was with Haku and with Gaara/Shukaku. Also, the only two techniques Naruto couldn't use without Kyuubi are Taijuu Kage Bushin no Jutsu and Summoning, excluding variants on Rasengan. So, in theory, all he'd really need to do was create enough normal Kage Bushin to have Sasuke use Chidori twice. Or even once, really, since he couldn't use it twice without repercussion unless he were in CS 2. As such, Naruto has the upper hand afterwards, hence the Rasengan. The rest of the clones don't just take his chakra forever. When they're dispelled, the chakra returns.

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