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he copied chidori from kakashi, thats the easiest way to learn it. thats my guess anyway. sasuke has sharingan. thats a big advantage against an idiot that uses too much chakra to produce one kage bunshin. i dont agree wit u kyoichi. sasuke can see through naruto's kage bunshin. he'll attack the right one and wont waste his chidori. another thing is if sasuke doesnt have sharingan than kakashi wouldnt even teach him that move. naruto only beat neji because he had training with the kyuubi's chakra. neji should've won that fight. i agree with taiyjia. sasuke was a better ninja to begin with. on their first mission out side konoha sasuke could match u with two mist chuunins while naruto sat there like a dumbass. even sakura did better than him there. i think sakura can pwn naruto if he didnt have kyuubi. she has superior strength, medical skill, and high level chakra control, she could probably learn the rasengan better than naruto.

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