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Originally Posted by #1 Bad Guy
word. Dosu , Yata, you two did keep the old FC alive all those times I weren't there............and that's what co-owners do right?........right.

Topic? Not to spoil anything but ummmm.....The "New" Orochimaru's jutsu are scary. People who read the manga know what Im talking about. Dieidar'as jutsu suprised the hell out me also. I wasn't expecting exploding clay animals.

I already know Zetsu moves are going to suprise me also.
thanks ^^

yeah i know about those new "justus" but like you said, we cant spoil tyhem, still those were a little too creepy for me lol ^^

I decided to get a life so I quit all of this anime/magna stuff.
However, remember that I won almost all of the most hated awards in the first annual NL Awards.
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