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Tolano is an unknown quantity at this point
Best fight scene overall: kiba vs. naruto in chuunin prelims (ep 44-45)
Best Naruto vs. Sasuke fight: the one when sasuke says hes going to kill naruto (127-134)
Best Naruto/Sasuke team battle: the first fight vs zabuza, the shadow shuriken thing was great (ep 9)
Best Naruto and Hinata moment: when naruto sees hinata training in the waterfall and tells everyone in the morning that he saw a really gorgeous girl last night. (ep 147-148)
Best Naruto and Sakura moment: when she cries and tells him he is the only one who can bring back Sasuke (ep 110-111)
Coolest Jutsu: U-zu-ma-ki Naruto Combo! (lots of eps)
Most Vicious Villain: Itachi, because he is probably the most powerful character and he just doesnt give a damn about anyone or anything except power.(even Orochimaru says that Itachi is more powerful than him)
Coolest Hero: Naruto, duh
Favorite Genin Shikamaru (even though he was made chuunin, he was still great as a genin)
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