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Originally Posted by beautiful-green-beast
Definately Sasori's.......True, I already knew about puppet mastery from watching Kankuro.....but to be able to summon 100 puppets and simutaneously control all of them, which meant 10 to a finger.........I was amazed.....

That new jutsu of his, the one keeps one using to gain a new body, that's based off the fact that snakes shed their previous skins right? If so.........*shiver*
yes but lets not get intot too much deatail lol, we cant spoil it for the dub whatching people ^^

whooooooo i am a co-owner!!!!!!!!!

Welcome Raijin88, please stay active ^^

New Topic: IF Oruchumaru bit Itachi, would itacha have the will power too live? And if so, would he have the will power too not follow oro?

My opinion:

Of couse he would survive, i mean sasuke survived, and this is itachi we are talking about, wayyyyy better then sasuke. Also I think Itachi would not let oro control him, he has too much power, he would give his live before surving another. Plus when oro is steching his neck too bite him, he would accedently look into itachi's M. sharagain, and well then hell it would be all over

I decided to get a life so I quit all of this anime/magna stuff.
However, remember that I won almost all of the most hated awards in the first annual NL Awards.
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