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Akira is an unknown quantity at this point

Anyways as for the topic their is a number of reasons!

1) His favorite food is Ramen like mine.
2) He is like me when it comes to determination.
3) He is just plain 1337.
4) Almost never loses a fight.
5) Loves Ramen.
6) Owns all the n00bs like me.
7) Can be a bit clueless.
8) Overconfidence like me.
9) Likes a girl that doesn't like him (I don't know for some reason I like him for that as well).
10) Never gives up.
11) Kind for the most part but a bit disrespectful.
12) THE MOST IMPORANT ONE COMING UP!!!!! He never goes back on his words or promises!

Which character are you?

one tail = shukaku = racoon = wind
two tails = nekomata = cat = darkness
three tails = isonade = shark = water
four tails = sokou = rooster = poison
five tails = houkou = dog = illusions
six tails = raijuu = weasel = lightning
seven tails = kaku = badger = earth
eight tails =yamata no orochi= snake = devil
nine tails = kyuubi no youko = fox = fire

Rep me good plx...

The first two chaps of my story please read them and leave a review I will really appreciate it!

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