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cool characters!

Ooh Ooh I have on too:

Name: Makinataro Mishima
Clan: Mishima clan
Sex: Male
Age: 17
Height: 6'2
Hair: blue spikey hair
Likes: unknown
Dislikes: unknown
Eyes: similar to the hyuugas except it's yellow
Rival: Neji, Hinata: basically the Hyuugas
Bloodline Limit: Torigan (sounds good to me),
Village: hidden village of sky
Rank: Jounin

1.) Similar to Byakugan, but instead of using the index and middle fingers to attack, they use their palms. They can put chakra in their hands and feet and shoot it to the enemies. They have the ability of twisting the muscles and organs of the enemies to stop the chakra flow in their bodies.
2.) Similar to Byakugan again, they uses their ears to detect enemies. It has 360 degree of hearing and longer range than the Byakugan. They could detect enemies by hearing heartbeats and identify the real ninja when using kage bunshins.
3.) They can use great genjutsu with their flute similar to the girl in sound 5.

The Hyuugas and the Mishimas used to be a one clan. They both share the same abilities, but in that one tragic event, they had been separated. There had been some feud between them......
Their main leader had put the curse in the Mishimas making their eyesights bad or even lose them. So, the Mishima have a distinctive feature of having a bad eyesight. Through training and hard work, the first mishima had improved his new ability, Torigan, thus starting the foundation of their new clan.

Ability: Kage Bunshin, Chi Palm strike, Million Chi blast (similar to the 128 strike), Odd Dimension (genjutsu), dimension chi blast, kuchiyose no jutsu

Name: Kiyumi Shogasari
Clan: Shogasari
Sex: Female
Age: 16
Height: 5'6
Hair: long, straight, purple
Likes: garden, plants
Dislikes: fire
Eyes: Yellow Green
Rank: Jounin
Bloodline Limit: Gimanta (sounds good to me too)
Village: Hidden Village of Sky

1.) Their clan can manipulate the plants, flowers, and even trees with their will.

Abilities: Leaf Blade (projectile of leaf) ,
Petal Dance, Kage bunshin (plant clone),
kuchiyose no jutsu(a big venus Flytrap),
Thorn Bullets (poison thorns coming out from their mouth),
Dive underground,
Vine whip (tentacles of vine that can grab enemies),
Leaf barrier(leaf shield surrounds the user),
mineral absorption (absorbs the minerals underground that coould heal the user)
Vine Chakra Absorber (absorbs chakra from opponent)
Tree sealing (enemy will be imprison in a tree, wrapping him/her)


Name: Sukicho Kidoro
Clan: Kidoro
Sex: Male
Age: 58
Height: 5'11
Hair: bald, but has a long white beard (wizard type)
Eyes: light blue
Rank: Sannin (possible Kage level)
Village: Hidden Village of Sky
Bloodline Limit: Jodokai (sounds good to me again)
Main Weapon: Orb, paper

Abilities: Can manipulate light.
Orb Barrier, Prism Blast, Aurora Storm, Cosmic Ray, Million Origami explosion (similar to Deidara's, but it has a weaker damage so there are millions), Orb Imprisonment tehcnique, Heaven's Judgement, Solar Strike, Luanr Strike, Nova Burst, Phantom Shockwave, Kage bunshin no jutsu (phantom), Origami ballistics, kuchiyose no justu (angel type of creature with 6 wings)

That's pretty much it.
But I'm still thinking about the wind clan
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