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The offical Full Metal Alchemist FC

Hey guys, if you are already a member, then post.


Rules: Dont Spam.
Be active, meaning the post atleast once every time you are on.
If someone wishes too quit, they may just ask, and do not be mean to them for that, yata, yata, yata.

owner- yata

co-owners- Testuo,

members- yata, Testuo, saskatu, SakuraNC, memechan, naruto18, GaaraOfTheDeathSand, ColaBear_BiteMe09, _hinata_, Shadowwolf, Dosu189, Smeeeeee, Amaterasu.

Total Members: 13

Who is your favorite chracter

And if you have answered that then, What is your favorite realtionship bewtween two charcters?

I decided to get a life so I quit all of this anime/magna stuff.
However, remember that I won almost all of the most hated awards in the first annual NL Awards.

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