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Originally Posted by SakuraNC
lol.... well we are talking about the circumstances in the eps we have seen of him.... unless stated otherwise..... soooo blehhhhhhhhhhhhhh
That doesn't change anything. Kimimaro has one ass that is definitely worth kicking, no matter he's almost dead or not.

Originally Posted by yata
exuse me, i didnt mean copy it like any other technique he copy's, i guess i meant more, undertstand it very well, he grows and grows with just understanding techinques, even if he doesnt actualy copy.
It's not a technique, it's a bloodline. There's no way to grow from just understanding a bloodline.

Originally Posted by Rath_nin
Of course kakashi may summon his dogs, you know how them canines love those bones (i can see them now..........eating kimimaro) XP ewww
LOL. awesome idea. XDD
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