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Name: Tobi, トビ
Age: ?
Height: ?
Weight: ?
Birthday: ?
Blood Type: ?
Ring: ?
Position: ?
Partner: ?
Affiliation: ?
Signature Ability:?

Zetsu's possible subordinate who wishes to fill in Sasori's position now that he is dead. When he found Sasori's ring, he thought he could now be a member of Akatsuki. However, Zetsu scolded him for this, saying it wasn't that easy to join Akatsuki.

Tobi has a very formal, correct manner of speech. Tobi finds Deidara's other arm, but Deidara tells him to drop it. After being scolded by Deidara 3 times, Deidara jokingly strangles Tobi with his feet.

Some fans believe that Uchiha Obito, despite being (apparently) deceased, is Tobi.

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