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Originally Posted by MrPwnzerz
I really hate towel heads. I say we just nuke them all. The world would have no more problems...except radiation...
I hate racist. No we shouldnt nuke "towel head's" we should nuke poeple like you.
Mr Pwner your not debating your just spamming.

Why do u hate them. Because they don't agree w/ your rethod's? Because they stand up for there Prophet Muhhamed?
I still think The poeple who made the Carttons Deserve a huge fine. And the Islamic poeple Deserve a smaller Fine.
Danish should never be allowed to make these cartoonz. In Fact why don't the Islamic Make Cartoon's that are making fun of Danish. (no offense to any Danish's around NL)
But Islamic Should'nt get into more throuble By saying they'll kill US and Danish. That's a no-no.

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