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Well after various questioning on why I/society thinks a certain way, I have come up to Marijuana. Although my preconception was complete and undeniable hatred to this drug, I have went through a slew of articles, I am confused about what is right and wrong. So, being the ever-faithful and believing fool I am, I want you to list the good/bad. Here is mine:

Marijuana makes THC, a chemical that the brain also processes to forget. Now if all of you "believe" (its in quotations because you can't believe an observation) in evolution, you might question why it has not been eradicated. The truth is that forgetting is as important as remembering, and I would argue that it might open the brain to higher scientific intelligence (Newton). It makes you forget of the sensory details you are taking in at this moment so that you might be able to focus on your passion/goal.

Marijuana is a plant that jumps this chemical making you forget things in short term memory. For example, you might get past the ice and get to the wonder of cream in ice cream. And then you might understand the real significance of each note in a favorite song. The point is, it makes you forget and strikes you with "stupid wonderment." Marijuana is also supposed to increase anxiety and paranoia, though most believe its the law that does it, not the drug. A person in Amsterdam will have a more relaxing high then one in U.S.

But now, I would like to question if that is "stupid" at all. Granted, you don't want to do this in school where remembering is the most important task or during your jub. But what about the ancient Indians (the ones that lived in India) who used this drug to get a closer meaning to life? What about all those artists and writers who used this drug to create masterpieces? What about the Greeks (Plato), the Romans, and all these ancient civilization that have used this drug to perform scientific wonderment?

And is this moment to moment state a bad thing? For a moment, you get to understand how a baby feels when he first comes to earth. For a moment, you get to take away your mind's judgement and truly understand the significance of each moment.

So I want you, the society influenced people to fill this thread with bad and the evilness of this drug. I want to understand why weed is evil and why society has banished this drug, and to do that, I need your opinions with reasons.
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