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Originally Posted by Dosu
Dosu is right here, he went to a concert on friday, and has been sleeping off the affects since then.
Hokge, you can be a co-owner again,

As for a topic hmm NEW TOPIC- Favorite movie with a Asain female lead sorry if this is a tough one, it's hard to think of approprite topics for this fc lol, For me it would be House of flying dagers (wich I just saw a few days ago) I thought that was pretty badass movie, not the super best movie ever, but the best movie I can think of with a Asian female lead
hey there i think Zhang Zi Yi wasnt too bad in the House of Flying Daggers.. i cant say that i like Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon though.. guess it was just okay.. i like the Memoirs of a Geisha too, although they did not really follow the book.. in fact, the part i like the most is the one where Michelle Yeoh said "you will know if you're ready to be a geisha" or something like that. Zhang Zi Yi looked up, stared with her "blue" eyes at a man riding on the bicycle and the poor man crashed into some stuff..

about the picture Dosu posted, it really looks devilish.. eerie.. lol

hmmm.. maybe the new topic could be "why u love Asian Ladies.."?? probably add a few examples based on some Asian people you know...
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