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Originally Posted by ching1
I would say probably Neji and Sasuke will win. Lee's Lotus is not suitable for team fighting. The side effect is too damaging to the user. Sasuke's CS2 should be able to handle Kimimaru's CS2. The NejiSasu team still got their eye jutsus and taijutsu. If Chidori can penetrate Gaara’s sand cell (at the Chiunin exam) and lightening, it should be able to cut through Kimimaru’s dense bones.
Lee with 5 gate , his move barely saw by kakashi's sharingan , the speed he have would probably overcome Neji Byakugan , n Sasuke Sharingan but with more effort

Kimimaru wasn't a weak one , when he fight with naruto,lee and gaara , he is in sick condition . When he activated his 5th dance of bone , he nearly damage gaara . And Orochimaru somehow impress on him for a bit . He is probably at least high chuunin level shinobi .

I still take NejiSasu as winner , but it is not a easy fight . Kimimaro was given Gaia Seal which comparable with Sasuke Heaven Seal . Lee 5 gate state , even reach jounin level , he can't beat Gaara probably because of the sand defend stuff .

If Lee 5 gate stat won't wear off , NejiSasu will not win ....
But Lee will . So NejiSasu win , but not easily ...

Tsunade, Kankuro vs. Sasori, Kimimaro

what would you say?
i would say tsunade with kankuro ^^
because... i don´t know..because i like tsunade and kankuro more ... hehehe
but, kankuro and sasori would be a great fight if kankuro would be better with his puppets..allthough sasori is a master in fighting with puppets
Tsunade will take Sasori , while Kankuro takes Kimimaro
Kankuro can't win Kimimaro . Tsunade and Sasori is in equal state .
Sasori immortal jutsu is insane , Sakura can win probably because support of Chiyo Sama puppets , soul transfer jutsu and knowledge over puppets skill . Tsunade can deal with Sasori , but may not figure out the way to seal away Sasori immortal seal .

Kimimaro own Kankuro
Tsunade and Sasori would be a eternal fight , unless Tsunade figure out the way to seal away Sasori immortal skill

So , i take Sasori and Kimimaru

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