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Freedom of Speech isn't a term to be used loosely or irresponsibly.

how do i put this... with every Freedom you are entitled to. you also have a responsibility to use it appropriately. with every inappropriate use of your freedom, you must be prepared for a certain degree of consequence. e.g. saying "F**k off" to a member of the national police force, = fine/arrest/ . i don't think a police officer has the right to pepper spray a person for saying "f**k off" but thats not the law or the governments fault, thats a fault of the police officer, and the police officer alone.

However. i do agree to a certain extent, that america and alot of other countries, are really pushing the limit on infringement of our "rights".

But in most cases, its because of a greater need to protect the nation.

Instead of pondering on the inevitable flaws and imperfections that our government, being a human system, has. i think we should just be grateful of the fact that you live in a democratic state, not a communist one. (believe me, people in China have it much worse.)

Think about it, if you were allowed to say and do EVERYTHING you wanted the world would probably be in total anarchy. (i mean if you have the freedom to speak. murderers must also have the freedom to act)

like i said.. no freedom without responsibility, and rarely any irresponsibility with out consequence.

But hey thats my opinion.

oh and NaruRin

Originally Posted by Naru-Rin
Still, though. Arrested? For saying Fuck in a private conversation? Goddammit, that's just stupid. You're right, it can't exist. And what's even worse is the fact that w can't do anything about it unless we get a vast majority to bother someone important about it. And by vast, I mean most of america. At least 75%.
he said that his friend was FINED. not arrested.

Originally Posted by Edge
It definatly doesn't exist here, a kid got fined £80 for using the work fuck in a private conversation and a police woman overheard it.
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