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Originally Posted by Shino
All the animes that I listed are very good, but the first 5 are the only ones (that I know of) that have samurais and gun users.

i didnt mean that they had to have both, i just meant that i like action animes that hav sword fights better than ones with gun fights. i dont mind guns, i just like the swords better =).

Originally Posted by nelsonkong
Okay...i quite like Elfen Lied, FMA and Initial D. Try them
There is intro in the NC premium a summary there.
if you read my original post i said i am up to date on intial d =). coincidentally it is my favorite anime and was the show that got me hooked on anime as a whole.

thanks for all of the suggestions guys, i will definitely check out samurai champloon. i think i have seen most of gungrave on anime unleashed on techtv(g4 now, ). @MDF i really want to watch inuyasha, but i cannot find a direct download site that wont make me pay. i dont want to pay for two anime sites every month. Grenadier sounds intriguing, but i am not in a position that i can watch that kind of anime as i am currently using a shared computer and i dont really think that my parents would like it that much if they walked in during one of the more graphic scenes. once i get back to school i will probably watch it though, but for now ill stick to the more tame anime.

i also cant find this member area that you speak of nelsonkong. the only thing that i have on my screen is the gold downloads page which just gives a list of the anime. it doesnt give me any info about them. could you explain to me where this info is?

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