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Best Fight Scene: Naruto vs. Sasuke (eps 128-134)
Best Naruto and Sasuke fight: When they versed Haku.
Best Naru/Hina Moment: When Hinata defeated these people that used bugs in episode 151. She passed out after (but still awake) and Naruto caught her in his arms, telling her she was amazing. (that was a filler. If you mean manga then it was when he said to her "I like people like you" right before he fought Neji in Chuunin.)
Best Naru/Saku Moment: When Naruto promised Sakura that he'd bring back Sasuke. (ep 110)
(hehehehe now Hinata can have him. >])

Coolest Jutsu: Rasengan (Naruto)
Most vicious Villan: Itachi
Coolest Hero: Fourth Hokage
Favorite Genin: Naruto or Hinata

Um.... I noticed some people answered this:
Best Opening: The 2nd one! Haruka Kanata!
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