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Yeah, but I'm sure Sasori has something that can counter than quickly.

And I was talking about Sasori's real weakness, which is the fact that he's a puppet himself, and that mark is right out in the open. But Sasuke is probably ignorant of that. Er, that's probably a spoiler (since their may be fans who don't read the manga in this FC... but I don't know how to do spoiler tags... so I apologize...)

I'm no expert on fighting, so what would Sasuke use to cut the chakra strings? I'm curious because I don't know. Lol.

My guess is he'd use shurikens surrounded with his chakra or something... but I dunno. ::shrugs::

If we were talking about post-time skip Sasuke, then I think he'd win since Sakura and the old lady beat Sasori, and Orochimaru has probably drilled all types of interesting little facts into Sasuke's head (then again, he might just be training him) Who knows. Lol

Oh and since we have like 12 members now, its about time they moved us to the official section. I may contact a mod... but I don't really know any. Lol. XD

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