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I don't see in what way marijuana is more dangerous than alcohol and cigarettes. We all know smoking is addictive and alcohol fucks you up.
I worked at a bar once. I had friends who smoked pot. I had customers who were alcoholics. I have a chainsmoking mother.
The healthiest and most sane of the 3 were the pot smokers. When my mother doesn't get her 2 packs of cigarettes a day, she's pissy and irritable, scary, even dangerous.... and I'm not going to start about the alcoholics, except that they were so screwed up that there was no more hope for them in ever finding work or a normal life again.
The pot smokers kill a few brain cells with each joint, and while the effect lasts, they're either useless or especially concentrated, maybe cheerful, maybe a little irritable. But they're never out of service. I haven't met a pot smoker yet who was as stoned as to try to rape me, unlike some alcoholics. And they weren't addicted, either. Their daily or weekly joint is what my daily or weekly chocolate is to me.
What scares me is alcohol and cigarettes. The side stream smoke also severely jeopardizes the health of the people around the smoker, called passive smokers. I mean, hell, I once passed out when 3 people were smoking in the same car with me.

It's ridiculous to endorse alcohol and cigarettes and condemn the much more harmless marijuana. I take neither, never did and never will, but I think that marijuana, out of the three, is the least dangerous.

By the way - if people wanna ruin their life, let them. Let them shoot up, let them hang themselves, let them do whatever they please as long as they don't get in the way of other people.

Btw, it was said here that it leads to harder drugs - yes, and buying a poodle can lead to getting a rottweiler next, ofcourse it CAN, but it's not because it's marijuana but because some dumbasses get tired of its weak effect and want it a bit stronger. But none of my acquaintances has taken any hard drugs yet except for one, and he's totally screwed up anyway, not because of pot but because he's a weak-psyched worthless piece of shit.

I haven't seen any of my 20, 30 potsmoking friends hallucinate or get aggressive yet.
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