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Originally Posted by saskatu
is a drug it could cause death if ppl fight over for a pointless drug why dont they just get drunk from alcohol even thow marijuana is illgeal is not as "ill drive im fine even thow i drank im still good"if you now what i mean
I assume you never made any experiences with pot smokers and alcoholics... you know, a drunk bastard beating his wife and kids is not as fictional as you may think... I've seen tables fly because someone knocked over another bum's pint.
And "cause death"... sorry, are we talking about some weed or heroin here..? Ofcourse you can die of marijuana, for example by throwing it out of a 5th floor window and jumping after it...

BTW, medication are called drugs, too. And I went to a drug store on Friday...

As for the question whether it should be legal or not - make it legal for ages 18 and up, for God's sake. When something can be legally obtained, there's less need for violence and crimes in order to get your hands on it.
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