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Originally Posted by Shikamaru_IQ
Itachi would win..
Orochimaru said..
i cant take the itachi's boy body because he is to strong for me now...
Trust me he did say that after he destroyed Konoha and went back to sound...
So Itachi wins.....
But he said that when Oro Had no ars...
So Orochimaru probbly would win...
AFte all he does got unlimited jutsu's and he did beat Sandaime...
So Orochimaru Might Be able to win..
I dont know yet.
Oro vs. Itachi
From what we know about Oro, he certainly knew more wild jutsus than anyone. I remember he said something like he was not able to get his hands on Itachi and now Itachi was stronger than him, and that was the reason he left Akatsuki. By his own admission, Itachi was stronger than him. I guess Oro has not invented something to defeat Itachi's Mangeku Sharingan.
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