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*magically appears*

TADAAA!!! ME BACK!!! (it hurts) toink... lol

YAY!!! I'm back after 4 or 5 days of not being able to visit NL!!! Woooooooooot... Welcome me!!! (since there is no intro section no more) ahihihihi... ^__^

boy...I miss you guys!!! nyaaa~~ *hugs all tight* ^__^
TT__TT i really do miss y'all. *sniff* it was torture not to be able to visit NL or post even once, or talk to y'all. so busy... and final exam is around the corner!!! Yikes! and i was only able to sleep for 4 hours bcoz of the case study, and conflict arised within our yeah, it was a bit like hell. ^^;; that normally happens when we're cramming and having case studies. sigh...-_-;

nyaaa~~ I just read the pass pages, and wooo..i was surprise about the topic following the "what it feels like to be an asian lady" ahihihi... thankee!!!

I have a lot of favorite asians here in NL as well! wooooo... puffy azumi, lynn-chan, holly (even if she's all like mysterious and gets annoyed by my hyperness, lol), i miss my venustian!!! TT__TT

well, i hope to be back as much as i can like before. ^_~ (my message is very long, this might count for like 3 days of not being able to come back here in NL again) lol

Let me be with you gaara-kun...*hugs*

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