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Chapter 298 discussion


Credit to Kon of Mangahelpers.

Yamato's bunshin witnesses Sai's betrayal!
yamato: he was prepared at least since the hot springs, but...
yamato: well, i guess it's okay. i'll follow them like this.
yamato: no matter how you look at it, pursuit is the best option.
unknown: btw, what of sai?
naruto: (the bridge..)
yamato: as for sai, he's currently on the move w/ orochimaru.

naruto: what?
sakura: what does this mean?..
yamato: you two follow me.
(team 7 arrives at the battleground)
naruto: the ground's still soft (here)
naruto: and the bridge is broken... all this destruction... what the hell happened?

yamato: you dont remember?
yamato(think): just as jiraiya said
naruto: now that you mention it, why was i unconscious?

sakura: orochimaru knocked you out...
naruto: so thats it... damn it

sakura: sai's belongings are scattered about.
yamato: that he would leave the things he dropped...was even that (emotionless) guy tense before orochimaru, i wonder...
sakura: you know what happened, right?
yamato: yeah b/c w/ this wireless radio (here) i've been in contact w/ my mokubunshin that, up till now, had been stationed here...
sakura: did something happen to sai?
yamato: sai, after exchanging words w/ orochimaru, left following orochimaru & kabuto..
naruto: what does this mean?

sakura: the subject?
yamato: looks like the conversation was too far away and couldnt be heard...
naruto: i wonder what were they talking about?
sakura: Could he have been threatened into going with them?
yamato: didnt seem that way.. he approached orochimaru himself to hand him something.. as though if it were in order to team up w/ orochimaru..
naruto: wai.. wait a minute! no matter how much of an asshole he was, the idea that he would betray us..
sakura: no.. there is a chance..

fb tsunade: he is the man that long ago contested the late sarutobi-sensei for the position of sandaime hokage.
fb tsunade: unlike the 3rd, he is an unwavering rationale thinker. an unbending leader of the militaristic hard-line faction and sai's superior.
fb tsunade: he despises i who am the granddtr of shodai hokage and who was taught by the 3rd, a moderate.

sakura: yamato-taichou. you know about the man known as danzou..
yamato: i do.. he was the 'hawk' that opposed sandaime hokage..
naruto: so who is this guy?
sakura: sai's superior.. an old man who has a low opinion of the 3rd's will
yamato: using sai, danzou may be up to something..
yamato: there's a chance that danzou may have ordered sai to carry out a secret mission outside that of the teams'.

naruto: then sai, instead of our mission, was working on accomplishing a completely different mission!?
sakura: i see..
yamato: this is just a hunch, nevertheless, thinking the unthinkable, brace yourselves and listen.
yamato: danzou may want to destroy (the current version of) konoha..

naruto: eh?
yamato: he could be thinking of conspiring w/ orochimaru to have him attack konoha again in order to overthrow tsunade from the position of hokage
sakura: after the collapse of the (current) order/structure, he can build the village to (reflect) his ideals
sakura: to set the (outside) stage for a second chance of being hokage...!
yamato: the reason danzou has started to move now is mght be that he saw orochimaru's failed attack on konoha last time and
thought that at this point negotiations w/ orochimaru would go smoothly
naruto: way... then sai's secret mission is...
sakura: could be to get in good w/ orochimaru and become a mediator for danzou...

kabuto: orochimaru-sama
oro: i know (already)... we are being tailed
kabuto: are we simply being tailed or is it "glue" (to sai)...
kabuto: what should we do?

oro: either way, one corpse might be necessary... right, kabuto?
yamato: the way things are, we probably will have to deal with sai
yamato: right now, my bunshin is pursuing them but we dont know what might happen...

PAGE 13:
yamato: we'll be going after them immediately!
naruto: all right! let's g... ...!?
naruto(think): huh..?
sakura: naruto!?
sakura: naruto, are you okay!?
sakura(think): he still hasn't recovered from the previous damage...

sakura: indeed, i understand the sooner (we chase) the better, but if naruto's in this condition...
yamato: if that's the case, we'll leave naruto here and go
yamato: he should have enough strength to return to the village by himself
sakura: if it were kakashi sensei, he would never say it like...
naruto: b/c it's me... i'm okay...... i can go..!
yamato: i've been teamed up w/ kakashi while in ANBU... i know what kind of person he is

yamato: indeed, i am kakashi's replacement
yamato: but i am different from him
yamato: saying "i wont let you guys be hurt".. i'm sorry, but dont make me laugh
yamato: you guys are no longer beginner ninja who need to be protected and
yamato: at any rate, you guys need to surpass kakashi and become ninjas that can carry the village on their shoulders.
yamato: compassion and "being taken care of" are not the same.
yamato: if we dont pursue him now, we'll never get a 2nd chance to catch him.
yamato: if we hesitated here, it'd be the end.
yamato: there wont be a 2nd chance to face orochimaru..
naruto: sakura-chan...

sakura: ...yeah
yamato: that is (sai)!

As we thought. Danzou is trying to destroy Konoha. That would explain why Orochimaru quickly retreated with Sai. To prepare another invasion this time with Sasuke's body.

Also dnt get me wrong but it looks like Sai is dead already. Could also be a bunshin or a trap. Interesting chapter overall. would love to know what Orochimaru and Kabuto are talking about.



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