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heheh i get to vote hahaha first vote

1 - number 1: because i like the shading of the hair and the shading all together, higlights are well placed and i like the shading in the red parts of the cape

2 - number 3: again the shading and higlights on this one are awesome, the only thing that throws me off is that the shading and that is a little rough, it needs to be smoothed a little more

3 - number 4: pretty good, nice shading and highlights but all the white thorws me off, maybe colour the sky or colours the other white parts a little more?

4 - number 6:not bad but the skin colour is really dark, if you was tryin to make it look like she was under alot of shade then its not so bad, some shading is wrongly placed

5 - number 5: not enough shading or highlights, seems very plain, good try

6 - number 2: there is barley any shading or highlights at all...but good try, all the other colours are good but it needs more shading or its too plain
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