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hehe that's a good topic since most of them have not been to some asian places.

oooo... what about living in malaysia...? hmmm.. the good thing is, we dont have the 4 seasons, so we dont need different clothing for different seasons.. lol but yeah, sometimes it gets hot - like about 37 degrees in celcius.. hot hot hot! other times, it rains like crazy.. everyday would rain (like these few days).

last time, there were a few of tourists that came over to KL. my family took them out for dinner and on the way to the restaurant, they asked us to stop. we were wondering why... then they actually took out their cameras and started taking photos of the big drain just as we were passing by the bridge... -_-;; lol they said they have not seen a drain that big before cos in England, u cant see the drains.. it's all covered up... hahha.. i still remember that weird incident XD

one thing i like about living in malaysia is the food!! malaysia has yummy food... ^^ i will miss Chinese food when i go over to US.. T__T heheh..

hmmmm.. yeah, what else would u like to know? ^^
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