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Originally Posted by Tolano
ichigo is deffinitely a virgin. look at his reaction when yuruichi takes transforms for the first time. she says something like "this must be your first time seeing a womans body" and he responds with something like "shutup." also, didnt Rukia say she has lived 10 times as long as ichigo which would make her 150 not 500 or 800 or anything like that? i agree that all of the high school kids are virgins except for the les girl and the kid who likes older women. also urahara is def not a virgin, you know he hit yuruichi at some point.
dude, i dunno, there is a scene later with a bunch of shinigami over at ichigos, and yeah... lol for those who read the manga. haha who knows.

newayz this is funny ass post, very VERY unique by any standard. hahaha gave me a laugh reading this.
down with sasuke and sakura, die die die!
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