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Im here y'all well:

1. Blazin Yukasho: Gawd. Yours is just superb. The stock is so mysterious and dark and the brushing goes upwards as if theres no limit or gravity on it. Perepective of your sig is nice, but i dont like the font. The BG is aight, but it does seem quite clustered. Im digging the dark glow/aura coming from the stock, sweeet.

2. Bod: For some reason yours just seemed to stand out to me. The stock is awesome and the bg color syncs. Your brushing is very different to others, as if you made them youself. If so, well done, i wish i could do that. Bg is fine, but the cloud like effect doesnt work so well on some parts for some reason. Good job though

3. OTC: I love Rogue, my favourite X-men character. The stock, could have resized it to something alot more smaller. Atm, people would concentrate at the stock rather than the BG. Your BG is nice, and like BGB said, you have that cool sense of lighting. The only thing thats bugging me is that random patches of white that you used. You may have tried to blend, but it doesnt go too good with the BG, but for some reason, i like it. Well done.
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