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Originally Posted by elemental_kid
what's yor theory cuz after all, Itachi is even stronger than orochimaru
Said by oro himself, thats why he wants sasuke's body (beside sasuke being more young) and I dont think there's an enemy as dangerous as Itachi, I mean, come on a guy who can literally beat anyone just by looking at him.... so I think i said "I COULD BE WRONG" about this but then tell me where the hell come Sai from , cuz he has to be rekated to somebody that is already in the anime, or who do you think its akatsuki's leader cuz I Think someone has to be strong enough to beat itachi, and who better than another uchiha?.... come on MAJINX
answer and share your "wonderfuls" Ideas with everyone....

another thing , I post this to see if anyone has another theory about this so if
you are goinn to say "this cant be cuz... or That cant be because" be sure to have theories of your own... and In the end , when we find out that in the anime, I'll post a thread with my apology (only if your theory or anyone is right, not for say that I was wrong) and in that post everyone will worship him or her as the Ultimate Naruto Fan... so what do you say???????!!!!!!
ok.. i dont no why you are picking a fight with me, esp on the wrong thread, but before you even became a member i have posted tons of theories alright, and i dont think itachi is the most dangerous person, did you not see how he had to take orders from the akatsuki leader, if he was stronger would you think he would just stand there and listen to him?

And about Sai, what proof is there he is a uchiha? coz he looks like sasuke.. I dont think that counts as proof, And also the uchiha clan is only from the leaf, everyone knew about the uchiha slaughter and sasuke was the only one who survived it, IF sai is a uchiha and survived and joined ANBU im 100 percent sure the hokage and every1 else would know alright, How can they not know, hes the same age as sasuke and already in ANBU and is a uchiha, dude that would make him famous, sasuke is already famous for being a uchiha and top student, wouldnt you think we would have some clue of another surviving uchiha then?

And i dont see why he has to be related to someone on the show.. kimimaro was related to no1, haku was related to no1, where does it state that a new character in the show Has to be related to someone we already know??

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