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The main reason why I voted for you, is because of the original style. I really like it, and you use it so well. It has a simplistic, yet very complicated look to it. It makes me feel relaxed, intrigiued, and amazed all at one. I find your use of text very good aswell. Nice and simple.

I love it man, as Pride said, it's what some would consider "real art". And just like Kong's, it has a very simplistic design to it, it makes me feel at rest, and really does make me feel as though I'm at the beach. I would only recommend using brighter text next time, it kind hard to it see through the cloud....

3rd~Ero Ni Sama
I like it, its different. What I really like about it, is the transition of colors. I find it very nice, especially the left side, I just don't like the right side, because it's sorta grainy. And next time, try to make te text stand out more...

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