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Originally Posted by Uchiha1412Toshi
Sasuke and love? Wow.

Well, we all know that Sasuke wants to revive his clan, which means that he wants to find a wife and have kids. Duh lol
But to have a wife/kids and falling in love are two different things. Has Itachi's actions made Sasuke too cold for love?
Many people would think, "yeah, probably." or something along the lines of that.
But i say, "Heck, no!" lol Although Sasuke has been constantly tortured by Itachi and the death of his clan, Sasuke admitted to the fact that Naruto was his closest friend. Although the love we're talking about is different, Sasuke is capable of love, because of the friendship he has with Naruto.
If Sasuke can be friends with Naruto, I'm sure he can be able to fall in love. ^^
Yes, I think Sasuse is capable of love. In fact, his love is so intense that it has turned into hatred. Sasuke certainly has strong feeling for Naruto, Sakura, Kakashi, and, yes, Itachi in a twisted way. Right now, his heart is filled with revenge and desire of power. When things are more settled, there will be room for romantic love. Hopefully, we will see that during the lifetime of the series.
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