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Best fight scenes overall Jiraya and Tsunade vs Orochimaru. It was when naruto and JIraya was searching for Tsunade and Orochimaru wanted her to cure his arms.

Best Naru/Sas fights against each other and together (against a villan)Sasuke and Naruto vs Haku

Best Naru/Hinata moments When Hinata was training the new jutsu (it was about 150 ep) and naruto saw her but he didn't recognized her. He said next day that he saw very beautiful girl

Best Naru/Sakura moments When Konohamaru asked Naruto if Sakura's his girlfriend. He said that she is and Sakura heard that

Coolest jutsumangekyou sharningan

Most vicious Villanno other than child molester called Orochimaru

Coolest HeroSasuke!

Favorite geninSasuke

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