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[Credits to Stonewalker]


1.) No old sketches!! Each topic is designed to challenge a persons innovation and to help with drawing skills too. So don't post yer old dusty stuff. New sketch a week/month.

2.) The medium of your choice is up to you! Pencil, pen, computer-generated, coloured, B&W, whatever turns you on. [However there will be some weeks where it will be stated which medium you must/is allowed to use and those that you are not, so dont worry]

3.) A new SKOTW will start on Wednesday, and the voting will start on Monday [However depending on flexibility and opinions of judges, this may be changed]

4.) Voting shall be done by judges. These judges shall be picked from the "ideas?" thread. Judges that have been chosen for a SKOTW will expect to judge again 4 SKOTWs after. There will be occasions where the public may vote if need be, however we do not wish to have any bias answers/voting. ^^

5.) You are free to interpret the topic chosen as you wish, but your sketch has to be related to it in some form. [Dont worry, there has to be one topic that you'll like/can do]

6.) You can make multiple sketches, but you can only choose ONE as your entry, and do not edit your posts with newer versions (hard to keep track and I may not have seen it before I put it in the Vote thread). And please make your entry-pick BEFORE any of your extra sketches.

7.) You dont have to be the best artist in the world! You can draw stick people for all we care, and you may give the "I cant draw for shits" but no-one gives a damn. As long as you try, thats what counts. Dont get intimidated >.O

8.) No copying pictures from other sources. (If we see a sketch that has the exact same pose like Naruto in another pic, we shall chew your bones with great delight and throw you to the pits of hell)

9.) And of course if you rip/ plagiarize you will be tied to the stake and put through the meat processor.


Point system for each SOTW

[Order of your vote and its given points]

Your 1st pick gets 5 points
your second gets 4
your third gets 3
your fourth gets 2
your fifth gets 1

When everyone has voted, your points (if you get any) are added up and the top 5 with the highest get put into the Hall of Fame.

The top 5 in each SOTW ranks like this in the Hall of Fame (from whoever got the most points to the least):

RockLee: 5
Gaara: 4
Naruto: 3
Shikamaru: 2
Pakkun: 1

The points keep getting added to your name in the Hall of Fame depending on where you are placed in the Week's top 5.

As the SOTW's progress, you get more points beside your name which ranks you with the others in the Hall of fame. Example;

Rock Lee: 8
Gaara: 5
Naruto: 4
Itachi: 2
Sakura: 2
Shikamaru: 2
Pakkun: 1


Happy Sketching everyone As Stoney says....RoCK TEH LoTuS!
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