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well, i really didnt know wha tto say, but im a guy and have freiends but most guys like girls that are easy to talk to and look approachable if you look like you dont want to talk to anybody then people will be afraid to approach you, but anyways yeah, to get to the point Nice,good personality, cant be like a snob or something, and if shes a decent looking girl, she doesnt have to be hot, or gorgeous, or anyhting but not too ugly or too pretty, because if shes too pretty way too much competition, and i cant deal witht that, but if she likes me and shes gorgeous, thats always a bonus, but decent looking and a good personality, is all good for me and i have to like her as well. but you can grow to like someone.

Originally Posted by Shikamaru_IQ
GOod personality, Can talk to you and have a good time, And and can have a wild side^^.
hmm and a nice ass lol
lol, yeah thats nice too, id like that as well.
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