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voice actors!!

these are the voice actors for the up coming english naruto!!
Speculations on voice actors for Cartoon Network soon to be aired are:

1. Naruto-Johnny Yong Bosch ( Vash from trigun and the Green Power Ranger)
2. Sakura-Rachael Lillis ( Misty From Pokemon, OH gosh, that will suck bad.)
3. Kakashi-Steve Blum ( Spike From Cowboy Beebop and Mukato Shishio from Rurouni Kenshin.)
4. Sasuke-Mark Hildreth ( Herro Yui from Gundam Wing, also the lead singer of the Mark Hildreth Band.)
5. Gaara-Eric Stuart ( Yu Gi Oh! Seto Kaiba & Brock From Pokemon)

what do u guys think???
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