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theory:of why akatsuki wants gaara and naruto

everyone here probably has a good idea let me take a shot at is

naruto and gaara were given special powers that rival those of advance bloodlines like gaaras sand fill with chakra old but powerful and narutos recent learnings of controlling kyuubi chakra both powerful and deadly if controlled correctly

and both have demons inside of them if gaara goes sleep the monster i forgot his name comesout if he does a special jutsu

naruto kyuubi can be used for both offense and defense increasing narutos chakra:healing/speed/strength/stamina and can add more power to jutsu

gaara's sand can be usedm for both offense and defense
its abilty to shield gaara from deadly attack such as the current explosion that defeted gaara by one akasuki member but dead and the power gaara has equals that of sannin too

these are some of the reason akatsuki are in interest their true ideals havent been entirely release

the akasuki knows about kyuubi b/c itachi was from the sand during the time itachi left konoha he must have gotten and invite to join the organization mainly b/c he took out his entire clan and ability to copy any jutsu

and they know about gaara b/c of the recent battle with gaaras brother with sadori the puppet creator who left the sand 20yrs early

the sand could have had sannins b/c i wonder how he can summon that creature[bare with me i forgot his name]

and naruto learn the ability to summon gama bunta from a sannin theirs powers could be equally match

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