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Re: 10 Best of Naruto

Best fight scenes overall: Hinata vs Neji in the pre-rounds (yes, she lost, but ow... was I into the fight!!!)
Best Naru/Sas fights against eachother and together (against a villan): Sasuke and Naruto vs Zabuza (round 1). Windmill shuriken!
Best Naru/Hinata moments: "You make mistakes. You are not perfect and that's why I'm drawn to you." (love the look on Naruto's face!)
Best Naru/Sakura moments: Hard one... Uhm, when she had to feed him, because Kakashi had tide him to the tree trunk, pre-genin time)

Coolest jutsu (and by whom): Chidori (by Sasuke). It sparkles! *_*
Most vicious Villan (try to differ on this one from the other posters): Orochimaru. Stay away from the little boys and girls, you sneaky snake!
Coolest Hero: Naruto! A hero is always late :P
Favorite genin: Hinata. Soft and sweet. I like her.


Fave sensei: Kakashi
Fave song from soundtrack: Sadness and Sorrow (always makes me cry!)
Fave emotional moment: Lots, but I really cried my eyes out when Haku had died and Zabuza asked Kakashi if he could lay him next to Haku-kun. So sweet *cries*
Two Naru-addicted sisters on the couch, one as Naruto (me!), the other as Orochimaru (those lines took me forever!).

Mom: Get rid of that make-up. You look awful!

Me: He, we're no goths... We're cosplayers!
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