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Re: VS thread

YAY! thank u for coming to the VS thread, which would've been dead a long time ago if it wasnt stickified

i partly agree with u on sasuke. sure sharingan is a powerful advantage but lee has been training in only taijutsu (as far as we know) for 2.5 years...we dont know if he has the ability to open more gates now, but most likely he does. the thing is i think the sharingan can pick out patterns and how a person moves. with lee learning taijutsu in a professional way im sure there are series of combos or patterns that would be lee's downfall. on the other hand, people like naruto who attack randomly is hard to track even with sharigan (just my opinion really)...if sasuke and lee fight, i think lee would win...but only becuase sasuke has no access to jutsu.. if the battle is long and time consuming though sasuke would've "seen" lee's pattern of attack or his weakness with his sharingan( also copy his taijutsu) the chuunin exam it said sasuke was almost as fast as lee without his thinking it over and looking at what i have written i have thoroughly confused myself so now i cant say who would win..:P

but here's some stuff to think about:

-taijutsu master (including moves like ura renge)
-speed advantage
-chakra gates

-sharingan, to copy jutsu(if he has enough skill to do that) and to read and get use to lee's high speed attacks
-also speed advantage

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