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Re: The 9/11 Conspiracy

Originally Posted by Ninja48
First, what's with the name calling?

Second, how did 9/11 hurt bush at all? Way I saw it, towers go down, Bush makes speeches about the terrorists to gain support. Bush sends troops to Afghanistan, then turns attention towards Saddam. Bush relates 9/11 and al'Quaida to Saddam to gain support for invading Iraq. Next election rolls around, and Bush injects fear into the people (terrorists will attack if you vote for Kerry ), mentions 9/11, and gets re-elected. So how did 9/11 hurt Bush now?

Third, Iraq has the second largest confirmed oil reserves in the world, next to Saudi Arabia. Kuwait pulls up in third*.

I understand that you can't comprehend America (hardly) attacking itself. Of course, this is the same for any country. In the past, no country has ever done this. But hell, wouldn't that be what the government wants you to think? You just said America hasn't made a drastic move exept to stop communism or benefit the economy. Getting oil from Iraq sure would help the economy wouldn't it?

*Source: (looks unbiased)
* (confirms the above link's numbers)

Oops. You are right.

I forget that Iraq burned up most of the oil drilling holes in Kuwait.

AND NO. You don't get it. The economy has turned into a defecit because of the war. Although Bush Senior used some neat tactics to lower the debt, the current federal standing debt is at 7 trillion dollars. Thats a humongous increase. Additionally, the market is running into a defecit or standstill. And remember, there will be now financially unstable people after that attack. Refugees, they cost tons.

Plus, Bush used WMDs (and freedom) for Iraq. Afghanistan was the only one attacked for connection with 9/11.
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