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Re: Official harry potter FC

hes gotta die, no one wants a cliffhanger ending or one of those horror movies where you see the guy is down, but you dont really know whether he is dead. Voldemort is going to die, cuz thats the whole plot of the book. 17 years of harry's life is dedicated to eliminating one man, and after all the prophesy states that harry has the power to vanquish the dark lord, and last time i checked vanquished means to get rid of completely. Maybe the sad part would be harry has to sacrifice himself in the process of killing voldemort, but i seriously doubt that. I'm leaning more towards the hypothetical situation of either ron or hermoine dying. If jkr kills of harry, she has absolutely zero chance of making a sequel to the potter books. Who knows if shes really sick of writing these books? Shes made millions from these books, and money makes anyone happy. If her other books suck because everyone only sees her as capable of writing potter fantasy stories, i certainly think that leaving herself the option of writing an extended potter book would be feasible. JKR seems to think ahead as demonstrated with her intricate plots in harry potter, and i think she would like to leave herself that option just in case all else fails. Ok ill stop rambling now
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