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Re: Official harry potter FC

well, its not gonna be through dark arts that i can assure you. I think its not harry that will do the killing, but his actions will make the kill happen. Since harry seems uncapable of using dark magic, maybe he uses the light(like the patronus spell) to ward dementors towards voldemort and they suck his soul out. I think it will happen like voldemort and harry are duking it out for a while and voldy has the edge and then harry remembers all of the people who died blah blah blah and then thikns of the patronus spell. This is the only way i think harry can kill voldy, because i thikn voldy has no counter to the dementors. It seems like the patronus spell is casted by ppl with happy memories and good hearts and i dunt think voldy has this element but i dunno its hard to predict how voldy will die. But then again, why would the dementors suck out voldys soul if he hired them in the first place? I think maybe the plot might influence the dementors to become neutral and suck anyone, even the dark lord
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