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Re: Official harry potter FC

woah... I go away for a little while and suddenly there's a compeltely new conversation! XD

Ok lets see... How will Harry kill off Voldy...
(To be honest I don't have a clue, so I'm going in to my usual guessing mode XD)

If love hurts Voldy and Harry's got plenty of it, couldn't Harry just pretend to forgive Voldy for what he has done and continue to say he doesn't mind anymore? If that'd work, he might be able to weaken Voldy to an extend that he is vulnerable for any other attacks.
A Patronus is of course a good idea, but it chases Dementors away, it doesn't redirect them to someone else (actually the origional idea was that the Dementors feed on the Patronus rather than on a human being but oh well...) and I'm pretty sure that if Voldy's really got the dementors on his side, he's got some counter curse against them, don't forget, he's a master of the Dark Arts and there are more ways to kill off a Dementor other than using a Patronus, which I'm sure he's unable to use, indeed because of lack of happy memories and because he's unable to feel love or anything similar to that.
I don't think Harry will kill Voldy with something as simple as a spell, Harry isn't good enough of a wizard to come up with something amazing and also use non-verbal spells... (only the Half-Blood Prince has so far been able to teach him non-verbal spells XD ... strangely enough XD) and something as a simple Dark Spell like Sectumsempra probably wouldn't work...

What I also wonder about... If Voldy's soul's been ripped to pieces, is it possible that killing him becomes easier or more difficult? With a normal human soul, you just need to kill, yanno, like shoot, pull a knife or whatever (or in the Wizarding World: use the Avada Kedavra) but when your soul has been ripped to pieces, would it be easier to die? Like it doesn't have a small enough space to rest in, so it's easier to be destroyed? Or would it be more difficult, because that little part of soul seems it as it's duty to keep his master alive and clamps on to the body more and more (sorry if I make it sound like a soul has a mind on it's own XD I'm just trying to explain what I mean XD) if the last part were true, I wouldn't want to be Voldy when he's about to be killed, it'd be more painful then being killed for real... I don't think that Voldy would've made the Horcuuxes if they were much easier to destroy that a real body...
But then again, I'm just speaking my mind, it might as well be that he's just as strong as a normal living being, I just doubt that a little piece of soul can have the same capacity as one who is 'whole and untarnished' like Dumbledore calls it

Lets see, anything I missed? Ah yeah...
The ending speculations XD
I've only heard that JKR wants to stop writing after book 7, but I might be terribly wrong...
JKR has made so many books and made quite some money in the process indeed (I do disagree that money makes anyone happy, I don't have money and I'm still considering myself very happy^^) but I could really imagine her wanting to quit, too much attention and stress...
If book 7 really is the last book, I think that Voldy really would die, but not because of the possibility of any sequels, I think it's stupid to make a sequel of an ended series... wouldn't you agree?

@Diane: I do like Harry Potter a lot, I've read every book like... 10 times or something, but the fact that I'm talking so much here is more because this is a very good subject to speculate about, 100 people could reply to this topic and every opinion would be different^^

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