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Originally Posted by Shadowwolf
i think people should have the same rights as others if the flee from their country for something like this, im not sure if they still do this in japan but they also had been taking certain kids from their homes by the government to turn them into geishan hookers, now if someone tried to come to my house and take my child away like that i wonder how much money i would spend on ammunition >_>, when something like this happens, or when a family is trying to flee from what they might call a hell, where else do they have? the us is SUPPOSED to be the "land of opportunity" yea they could wait if they wanted to watch someone die or someone they loved be taken away, to me if they move for a reason such as this its bold and a perfectly plauseable reason, but if your just moving because you want to.. now thats just being selfish.
Where the hell did you get "Geishan Hookers" from? And of course they don't do that in Japan anymore!

I think that they should make all illegal imigrant legal. They came from a shitty country to start a new live for their families, but they didn't have anough money to aply for citizenship, because they are poor and when they came to this country they are still poor. Why? Because they don't have citizenship. Who would heir a 42 year old Cuban woman who can only speak a few words and phrases English and doesn't have citizenship? No-one, but the people in her Cuban neighborhood and even then she'll only work in kitchens or a janitor.

What about her children? They can't go to school and they can't go to the doctors. Don't punish these people for trying to start a new and lived their lives honestly. Not to mention some of these people don't trust cops! In their country cops were horrible people who take family members away and lock up people for do things that they can't not help like; having more then one child. Case and point China.

I think these that the government should either leave these people alone, or give them citizenship, and don't start with that "They took our jobs!" redneck shit, because you weren't doing much of a good job in the first place.
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